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General Store at Diamonds Old West Cabins

General Store at Diamonds Old West Cabins

Welcome to the General Store at Diamonds Old West Cabins in Murfreesboro Arkansas!  There’s something for everyone here, tasty treats to bring home, old-fashioned candies like your parents (or grandparents) had, toys, caps, ice cream, as well as hot dogs and s’more fixins for cooking over the fire in our genuine tepees.  And remember that every afternoon we make complimentary popcorn for all of our guests.

What is our best selling item?  Locally made goat milk soap, lotions, and bath salts.  Get some right away to use in and after your Jacuzzi to add luxury to luxury while you enjoy your stay at Diamonds Old West Cabins.  These goat milk products have become a local sensation.  People come from miles around just to keep them in stock for their home.  This truly is a must have before you complete your great vacation week in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

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Candies Galore at at Diamonds Old West Cabins General Store

Candy Galore!  Old fashioned candies take you back to the day when you were a kid.  Remember that feeling – those sticks of flavorful sweetness?  Pixy Stix? Rock Candy? Chocolates?  and Fudge!  Don’t forget the fudge!  Candy is not for everyday, but when we are on vacation – dig in!  What’s better than that glint in your children’s eyes as they stare wide-eyed at such delicacies. And remember, they will burn off all that energy playing on the playground!

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Jams and Jellies at the General Store

Have a list of friends and family who expect something from you when you return?  No worries!  There is something for everyone in the General Store at Diamonds Old West Cabins.  Old fashioned Stick Horses, Old Time Puzzles, Housewares, and trinkets of all sorts just begin the list of high quality items for you  and yours.  Prefer to satisfy the stomach of those around you?  There are Jellies & Jams, Spices, Dip Mixes and other types of spreads.  And best of all – we have samples!  Taste what you are bringing home for your friends, and we know you’ll get an extra one for yourself!


Geodes at Diamonds Old West Cabins


Geodes.  Geodes.  Have fun cracking them open – each one a unique display of crystalline structures formed from the beautiful earth.  And think about the people back home – something unique for them.  But bring them home whole so they can enjoy cracking them open too.  Smiles abound when someone cracks open one of these treasures.  Never heard of a Geode?  Look it up and see how these splendors of nature are formed.

 Hand Scooped Ice Cream at the General Store

 Just in case you just don’t feel like eating out, we have what you need to cook out – or in (tepees, kitchenettes, grills – take your pick).  Charcoal, Hot Dogs, Chips, Old Time Bottled Drinks, and more for you to choose from to make a simple meal at the end of your exciting day.  And to top it all off, our hand-dipped ice cream and milkshakes featuring Blue Bell Ice Cream – YUM!

At Diamonds Old West Cabins we aim to please.

We want this to be your favorite vacation ever!

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