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On Site Activities

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Calling all Adults and Children!

Now you get to find out why we call ourselves

“an attraction in the heart of attractions!”

Traveling with children can be painful when you try to settle down at a hotel.  What are your usual choices at other hotels:  swimming, exercise room, or television.  Not much choice.  As a parent, you can be a kid again and join in the fun, or sit and watch your children as they joyfully discover all the fun activities we have right here on our property.
And don’t forget to add this page to your favorites so you can stay updated, we are always finding new and creative ways for you to enjoy your stay.  Because we are centrally located to so many attractions in Southwest Arkansas (click here for more information), you’ll need to spend four or five days to really explore them all, and then spend your evenings at Diamonds Old West Cabins — where you will feel at home.

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Castle/Pirate Ship Playground

Exciting Playground at Diamonds Old West CabinsPlayground Foam View at Diamonds CabinsIs there a better way than this to work off all that energy the kids need to work off before settling down for a comfortable, quiet slumber?  In addition to slides and swings, our playground features a pirate ship and a castle for exploring and pretending.  Conquer the mighty sea!   Run the Ramp!  Save the Princess! Adults, kick back and relax while you  let the kids use up some energy here.

You’ll have to continue looking at the page to find out what all that white stuff is – surprises await you, at Diamonds Old West Cabins.

Horse Trot Pedal Car Track – Come One, Come All

Pedal Cars at Diamonds Old West Cabins

Pedals Cars are absolutely too much fun.  In adult and children’s sizes, race around the track until you can’t race anymore.  Adults, please let the children win most of the time.  Grin.  Safe, fun exercise – it doesn’t get any better than this.  For between tours and trips of the area, come back to your home away from home.

More Pedal Cars at Diamonds Cabins


Nighttime Teepee at Diamonds CabinsRoasting Marshmallows inside a Teepee at Diamonds Cabins

Never thought about making s’mores in a tepee, have you?  Well we haven’t just thought about it, we’ve done it.  And we’re making sure you can too.  Doesn’t looks so big in the picture on the left – but take a look at the right.  This is a great way for your family or group to gather in the evening and share stories.  And admit it, all you adults out there, you like s’mores just as much as the kids.  Additionally, it is a beautiful sight at night.  Cameras recommended.

Foam Party – AKA “The Great Diamond Wash”

Foam Party at Diamonds Old West Cabins

 Okay, now we’ve done it.  We’ve made our place too much fun.  Wrong.  You’re on vacation, so there is no such thing as too much fun!  Come see what everyone is talking about at our place – the largest bubble bath around!  We use five feet of non-allergenic suds, safe for children (and adults – you know you wanna play in that too), spread over a large area where you can run and play and be a kid.  Do your personal diamonds (children) fuss about taking a bath?  Here’s your chance, let them play, play, play – and then put them in our Jacuzzi tubs, that’s fun too!


Corn Pit?  Yes!  A Corn Pit!

Corn Pit at Diamonds Old West CabinsKids in the Corn Pit at Diamonds Cabins

What’s a corn pit?  A corn pit is a fun roll in the corn.  Nope, we don’t cook it first.  But if you have a child who needs sensory integration, this is it.  If not, this is still it.  Relaxing and fun.  We have unique and enjoyable ways to spend the time you’re not using to see all the other amazing attractions in Southwest Arkansas.


Music and Art Wall at Diamonds Cabins

Much more.  Music Chimes, Blackboards, Chuck Toss, Old West Pigskin Throw, Archery, Washers, Horseshoes… and you’ll have to visit to find out more.  Bring a camera!  The art on these walls needs to be preserved for your photo albums.  And your music on these chimes is music to your ears.   At our Wishing Well we will hear your wish – “I want to come here every year!”

Art and Music Wall at Diamonds Cabins

But we must mention our sluice box* — which is not like any other.  Each person gets quality souvenirs in every gem bag. Each bag contains 15 different crystals, arrowheads, fools gold, pirate coins, shark teeth, amethyst, tumbled stones, fossils, geodes, native jewelry, and gemstones.  How’s that for a sluice box idea.  Instead of luck of the day, your child will have oodles of treasure to bring home. No one leaves empty handed at our sluice box. And you will appreciate our unique way of creating new ways to enjoy old-time fun.

SluiceBoxCombo at Diamonds Old West Cabins

Coming soon!

Just in time for the new year – our very own pond

Diamonds Cabins Future PondBulldozer Kids at Diamonds Cabins

Our Pond is under construction.  Relaxing benches, pavilions for group gatherings, an enjoyable walk at sunset are just the icing on the cake.  This pond will be stocked for fishing for those who do not want to contend with the crowded lakes.  Feeding the ducks and fish is also something kids of all ages appreciate.

A Perfect Way to End the Day

Tetherball at Sunset

We have lost count of the number of times we hear people say, “This was the best vacation ever!”

Come soon and make those words yours!

* = Gem Bags may be purchased at the General Store

Board games and Chuck Toss Beanbags may be checked out at the General Store during regular business hours.